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Persona 4 Anime?

Over the last few days, I finished the first seven episode of the Persona 4 anime (the original one, I want to watch it before I watch the Golden version). I decided to watch it subbed, since I’ve never heard the original Japanese cast (and Troy Baker doesn’t dub the whole thing, so what’s the point? :P ), and I have to say…

Firstly, Naoto sounds WAY manlier in the Japanese version. I actually love her voice! SO good! <3

Secondly, omg! Kanji is amazing in both languages! And his shadow form in the anime is even better than in the game! SO hilarious!  Also, did anyone else feel a somewhat shippy vibe off of him and Yu? (Because I totally did when Yu called the bunny charm cute XD)

OH! And so far, I really love seeing Yu Narukami in this anime. I actually like him as a character now, he’s pretty damn funny. 

And I seriously keep changing my mind about who I ship with who while I watch this. I guess because you see the characters interact more in an animated version than they could show in the game. Absolutely loving watching this!


Here’s that WIP that I posted! It’s done!  My main babes &lt;3

every. damn. day.

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man. it looks like s2 is ggoing 2 be. f reezing….. ;9
(hella inspired by staring @ this beauty 4 days help me god COSY FREES)

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